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20% off bookjigs

Over 40 designs to choose from! A Bookjig clips onto the cover of your book and the ribbon slips between the pages so you never lose your place. Bookjigs bookmarks are the ultimate page marker and perfect for these long winter night reads. Order online & get 20% off all Bookjigs in July.

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Chipolo is a Bluetooth item finder that connects to your smartphone via a clever little app. Attach a Chipolo to your valuable items - keys, laptop, wallet, bag, bike or even your pet. Locate your lost or misplaced item in seconds using the Chipolo app. Nothing is lost!

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Chicago Comb Co.

Hand made in the USA out of the finest Kentucky stainless steel, Chicago Combs are created to be treasured across generations. Rather than fashion, which is often transient, Chicago Combs reflect an enduring style and performance.