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Chipolo to anything you don’twant to lose and connect itto the Chipolo app.


Chipolo from the app ordouble press it to ring your phone.Even if it’s on silent.


Your missing items.The app remembers when and whereyou last had them.

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Whitney Howard Designs - Accessorizing Life's Journey

Quotable Cuffs

Quotable Cuffs offer everyday inspiration, motivation, happiness and comfort. 
Wear messages and quotes on your wrist to feel loved, uplifted, focused and inspired!

Quotable Cuffs keep you looking good and feeling good too.

Quotable Cuffs are open bracelets inscribed with words or quotes of inspiration.

Quotable Cuffs are stylish, stack-able, daily reminders. - Wear what inspires you!
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New Titles Available

The ever popular Lingo Cards have released two new titles this year with more on the way!

Did you know Mandarin is spoken by more people on the planet than any other language - four times more than English! If you’re wanting to navigate the globe, then having at least a few words to pull out of your arsenal will come in handy. And, if you’re thinking of exploring China, knowing more is a must. Finding fluent English speakers outside of major cities can be harder than finding the lost city of Shi Cheng.

And so as not to 'throw a spanner in the works' picking up a set of British Slang cards will help you navigate your way round dear old Blighty without a hitch!