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NEW IN - Tiffany Field of Lilies

Modgy Expandable flower vases do everything a glass vase does except collect dust, chip or break. Available in a variety of designs, Modgy plastic vases are durable and stable enough to hold a flower bouquet. These decorative vases are ideal for events, weddings, and any table top. Modgy vases are collapsible and economical, making it easy to keep a variety of colors and patterns tucked away for any occasion. 

In 1893, Louis C. Tiffany created a chapel for the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago to promote his newly founded firm, Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company. Showcasing shimmering, Byzantine-inspired glass mosaics and luminous stained-glass windows, it won many awards for design.

Following the fair, the chapel was dismantled, and later purchased and gifted to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York. In 1916, discovering it had suffered water damage, Tiffany had the chapel removed and reinstalled at his home, Laurelton Hall. After his death in 1933, portions were sold, and later in 1957, a devastating fire damaged what remained. Jeannette McKean, founder of the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum in Florida, visited the site and ultimately purchased the components of the chapel.

In 1996, the Morse Museum assembled a conservation team to begin the restoration. After more than 100 years, it was reopened to the public in April 1999. Tiffany’s spectacular Field of Lilies window can be seen in the reconstructed baptistery of the chapel.

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NEW Orbitkey Products

The popular Orbitkey range has now expanded to

include rings, clips, new colours and accessories.

We now stock the sought after USB and multi tool too.

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Notabag Hello World

The Hello World Notabag features monuments from our favorite places around the globe. The intricate design brings faraway sites such as the Opera House from Sydney or Sagrada Familia from Barcelona to life.

Each of these evokes feelings of familiarity or brings back memories of past travels. The individual monuments blend together and form a beautiful unity that symbolizes what our world is all about.

This smart transforming tote is the only shopping bag you'll ever need!

A smart combination of a bag and a backpack. With a single pull on the straps, it transforms itself from a sleek eco-friendly bag to an easy-to-carry backpack making it the perfect accessory for a trip to the beach or shops.