Dynomighty is a small, Brooklyn-based company dedicated to putting personal expression in every pocket.


Dynomighty began when struggling NYC artist Terrence Kelleman had a heavily invested exhibition of his art where the only thing that sold was the prototypes for the first product he designed. Seeing an opportunity to gain the financial freedom to pursue his art Terrence launched Dynomighty with an initial investment of $300. Today, 12 years later, Dynomighty products are sold in over 60 countries worldwide and in 1800 stores across the US. Dynomighty are the Original! The Mighty Wallet was designed by Terrence Kelleman in 2005, and has spawned an entire new genre of wallets made with DuPont™ Tyvek® fabric around the world. The Mighty Wallet was the first ever wallet made with DuPont™ Tyvek®, folded entirely out of a single sheet.

wallet - reefer

Created by Annimo This homage design is meant to remind you of th..
wallet - 3d movies

Created by Aleksandar Topić Pattern driven bowtie designer A..
wallet - mona lisa twins

Created by BarmalisRTB Da Vincis masterpiece has a twin and they ..
wallet - trip to uranus

Created by CannbalHippo Capturing the age of Science fiction and ..
wallet - all of the robots

Created by Wotto A pocket full of robots of every shape and size ..
wallet - black sheep

Created by Davies Babies Why try to fit in when you were made to ..
wallet - painting the universe

Created by badbugs_artPerfect gift for all the astronomers, geeks, ner..
wallet - geometrical grid

Created by badbugs art Experimental impossible line art in an abs..
wallet - space surfing

Created by nicebleed Ride this amazing wave of stars and galaxies..
DY767 *NEW
wallet - mr stardust

Created by Dr Lukas Brezak "The Nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium ..
wallet - justice league

An organization comprised of the world's most powerful Super Heroes de..
wallet - sriracha sauce

An Spice up your life with this Sriracha wallet. Everyones favourite h..
wallet - batman in action

The Caped Crusader watches over Gotham. The Mighty Wallet® is the..
wallet - wonder woman vintage

The most famous heroine of all time.The Mighty Wallet® is the original..
wallet - vignelli subway

Classic 1970s New York City Subway Map designed by Italian artist Mass..
wallet - french fries

Everything is better with a side of fries. take this one to go! T..
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